Project Based Learning for Elementary Students

TechnoKids Junior Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects. Each project includes a teacher guide, workbook and customizable resource files. Computer lessons are project based and have students apply technology to make learning meaningful.


Create a graphic story that looks like a cartoon or animated comic strip using Google Slides or PowerPoint. Integrate creative writing with technology using digital storytelling lessons.


Lessons for teaching essential research skills. Create a Fun Fact Card in Google Docs or Word using word processing lessons.


Investigate a problem, conduct a survey, research packaging, and recommend a solution using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet lessons.


Explain the significance of historical events with a timeline lesson plan using Google Slides or PowerPoint.


Practice public speaking. Present research findings using a slide show with speaker notes. Public speaking lessons for Google Slides or PowerPoint.


Write reflective journal entries to build word processing skills. Journaling activities using Google Docs or Word to find, express, and share ideas and experiences.


Student-centered lessons promote the practical application of technology. Teach the fundamentals with engaging activities.


Lessons provide a thorough introduction to the Internet. Students apply search strategies, access digital resources, practice Internet safety, and communicate electronically.


Invent a fun trivia game. Learn how to make a Google or Microsoft Forms quiz. Build questions and answer keys.


Develop digital citizenship and web design skills. Construct a website that includes links to fun places for kids on the WWW. Will it get the Kid Stamp of Approval?


Program using Python and the Turtle library. Animate movement, loop spirographs, construct a mad lib from variables, and invent a carnival game with conditional logic.


Code a digital story using Scratch Jr lessons. Build scripts to animate the hero embarking on a quest. What will happen in the “Once Upon a Time” adventure?